Tutorial to playback Spatial Video in 4XVR

First of all, please capture spatial videos with iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max (iOS 17.2+). When recording, you will notice an icon indicating that you are filming a spatial video.


You can verify the file type by checking the file information page within 4XVR to ensure that it is in MV-HEVC format.




If the file type isn't MV-HEVC, it's safest to utilize the iPhone's original compression feature to compress the spatial video file. After compression, transfer it to your VR headset. Avoid third-party software for transfer as it may cause transcoding, potentially altering the file format.

Playback of MV-HEVC format spatial video in 4XVR is supported via internal storage, SMB, USB, DLNA, WebDAV, etc..

Note: Due to Snapdragon chip performance limitations, a few 4K 10bit videos may play in 2D.

How to compress files on Apple:

Long press or open the specific spatial video you want to transfer.

Choose "Share" >"Save to Files".


Open the "Files" app and locate the video file.

Long press to compress it.

Once compressed, transfer the file to your VR headset using your preferred method.


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