How to correct the screen color manually

When playing a video, you can use the trigger button to bring up the control panel. Click the second button at the top right to adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and etc..

1.Brightness: Brightness is the degree of brightness in an image and affects the overall contrast between light and dark in an image. Adjusting the brightness can make the image look brighter or darker.

2.Contrast: Contrast is the degree of difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image. Increasing the contrast will make the colors in the image sharper and the details clearer.

3.Saturation: Saturation is the purity and vividness of colors. Increasing saturation will make colors look fuller and more vivid.

4.HDR Brightness: HDR (High Dynamic Range) brightness refers to the ability to render a wider range of brightness on a display device, showing details from the darkest to the brightest areas, making the picture more realistic and lifelike.

5.Color Correction: Color Correction is the process of adjusting the color output of your screen to ensure that accurate colors are displayed. Correction ensures that the screen shows true and accurate colors, avoiding off-color or inaccurate situations.



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