How to use Alist+WebDAV to connect cloud drives

Alist is a directory app for various cloud drives, including Baidu Cloud, Aliyun Drive, OneDrive, Google Drive and other cloud drives. While using WebDAV, you can play files from your cloud conveniently.

Install Alist in Windows

1. Open and choose matched version of your PC.

2. Unzip the zip file and open it. Enter "cmd" in the address bar.


3. Enter "Alist Server" and press Enter to confirm. If the interface appears as shown below, the startup is successful.

Note: During the use of "Alist," ensure that this window is running normally and must not be closed! Please ensure to remember the password as it is only displayed during the initial startup.


Install Alist in Mac

1. Please download the latest version of Alist from For MacOS, please download either "alist-darwin-amd64.tar.gz" (for Intel chips) or "alist-darwin-arm64.tar.gz" (for M-series chips).

2. Unzip the file to the proper location.

3. Right-click on the folder and select "Services - New Terminal at Folder Location."

4. In the terminal window, type "chmod +x alist" and press Enter.

5. Type "touch start.command" and press Enter. This will create a new file named "start.command" in the folder.

6. Type "chmod 777 start.command" and press Enter.

7. Right-click on the "start.command" file, select "Open With - TextEdit," and add the following lines:

Plain Text
cd /Applications/AList
nohup ./alist server &

Save and close the file.


8. Double-click the "start.command" file. If you see "Process completed" as shown in the image below, it means the operation was successful. After closing the window, the "alist" process will run in the background. You will need to run "start.command" again to start AList after restarting your computer or shutting it down. You can drag the "start.command" file to the Dock for quick access.

Arrange Alist

1. Open your web browser and enter "" in the address bar. Enter the username and password. The username is "admin" and password is on the terminal panel in Alist.


After logging in, click on "Management"


2. Open the website and choose the token acquisition method based on your cloud drive. Here, we'll use Aliyun Cloud Drive as an example. Follow the steps in the image below:

a. Click on the "refresh token" link and click on the green button to log in to your cloud drive.


b. Copy your token


c. You can choose to change your account password or leave it unchanged. It's recommended to use a password that's easy to remember. Click on "Save".


d. Click on "Add".


e. Fill up the information of the cloud drive based on your needs and click on "Add" button.

  • Driver: the cloud drive you want to connect.

  • Mount Path: the folder name you prefer.

  • Web proxy: enable.

  • WebDAV policy:use proxy URL.

  • Root folder id: root.

  • Refresh token: Your refresh token.

  • Remove way: Choose the way you prefer.



f. If the status shows "work," it means the cloud drive has been successfully added. Click on "Home" to view the contents of your cloud drive.


Check the IP address

1. Open the "Window Settings" and click the "Network & Internet".


2. Open WIFI and then in "Properties", you will find your IP address.



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